CNTHA Synopsis of accomplishments - June 2016

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Author: Don Wilson
Published: Jun 1st 2016
Updated: 4 years ago


• In 2004 CNTHA/CANDIB entered into a contract with DHH to run an oral history program. We signed a follow-on contract in 2005. CANDIB has since conducted 50 interviews, including several written interviews.
• In 2004 work was started on a website [] to showcase the work done. Photographs, interview transcripts and the entire collection of the Maritime Engineering Journal are some of the items available on the website.
• Contributions by CNTHA in the DHH Collection includes:
• Series I Naval Technical History Project Material contains somewhat in excess of 500 items; about 100 concern the industrial base in some form or another. Includes:
• Jim Williams’ study on design houses
• Hydrofoil interview with Tom Bennett.
• Series IV DDH-280 Class Main Propulsion Machinery Design & Acquisition Proposal is all pertinent to the industrial base.
• Series V is CANDIB Interviews.

• Topics in the Collection include:
• Canadian Government
• Ships
• Ships Equipment
• Design Houses
• Shipyards
• R&D
• Naval Dockyards
• Commercial Industrial Base