Gallery 3 - Operations

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Author: Don Wilson
Published: Jul 19th 2009
Updated: 3 years ago

a). MARGAREE - Pacific - 1961 [Don Wilson photo]

b). IROQUOIS - unknown date

c). SIOUX - taken from ONTARIO en route to Panama and to Europe in 1955. [Don Wilson photo]

d). ST.LAURENT - unknown date

e). ONTARIO - unknown date

f). KINGSTON - unknown date

g). OTTAWA - unknown date

h). HURON - at speed near Halifax - 1973 [Don Wilson photo]

i). ORIOLE - unknown date. HMCS ORIOLE IV was the training vessel associated with HMCS VENTURE, the Naval Cadet training Establishment located in HMC DOCKYARD, Esquimalt, B.C. The Webmaster was in the first Class at VENTURE from 1954-1956 and enjoyed a good number of days aboard this impressive sailing vessel. One memorable trip was through the Gulf Islands.