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Naval museums and historic sites This Royal Canadian Navy website recognizes its important role in shaping this country, its sacrifices in battle and its proud contribution to global security and prosperity. It provides some web links about Canada’s naval history.

Databases and Sources of Canadian Naval Historical Information

  • The Canadian Military History Gateway: This is a Search Gateway to locate resources showcasing the history of the military (including the Navy) in Canada;
  • Canadian Nautical Research Society: The CNRS encourages an awareness of Canadian and world maritime heritage by publishing a journal and keeping an archive of information about the Canadian Navy and maritime history. The website contains a large list of maritime history research links.
  • Canadian Navy of Yesterday and Today: This naval history site contains a wealth of ship information and photos as well as links to other web resources;
  • Directorate of History and Heritage (Ottawa, ON). CNTHA works closely with DHH on historical Naval matters. DHH has a number of historical resources available for research in their Reading Room and online. It maintains an Archives and Library section to support the research and writing of official histories. These resources are available to the general public;
  • [Naval Association of Canada] ( This website retains a collection of the newsletter Starshell which often includes Naval history articles.
  • The Naval Marine Archive - The Canadian Collection (Picton, ON) Contains collections of documents, books, magazines, charts, etc., pertaining to Prince Edward County-related maritime activities;
  • Memorial University’s Maritime History Publications: Memorial’s Marine Institute site includes databases on marine engineering design and naval architecture. It also has a searchable Maritime History Archive;
  • [The Nauticapedia] ( This nautical heritage site contains information on Canada’s Pacific nautical history and heritage and other topics of general maritime interest including some Canadian Naval historical information;
  • Queen’s University Marine History Information Exchange Group: This online discussion group, MARHST-L, aims to promote communication among persons with a serious interest in maritime history and maritime museums;
  • University of Victoria military oral history collection: This collection contains a large number of oral interviews of veterans (including Canadian Naval personnel) of WWI, WWII and the Korean War;
  • The Web Pages of Jerry Proc. This website contains a wide variety of information with some very useful Naval information.

National Naval Historic Sites

  • HMCS HAIDA - a popular website for one of our best-known destroyers;
  • HMCS Sackville. This website helps tell the story of this ship aptly named the “soul” of the Navy.

Canadian Naval Museums

  • Maritime Command Naval Museum of Halifax. This museum contains artifacts of the history of the Royal Canadian Navy;
  • Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. This site contains over 20,000 photos, over 300 ship portraits, vessel plans and other interesting information relating to Nova Scotia’s rich maritime heritage;
  • Musée de la mer (Rimouski, QC) Among the artifacts is HMCS ONONDAGA, an Oberon Class submarine that served in the Canadian Navy between 1967 and 2000. Montez à bord du seul sous-marin accessible au public au Canada. Intéressant!
  • Musée maritime du Québec (L’Islet, QC). The Museum possesses more than 14,000 artifacts, photos and old documents related to all kinds of maritime events. This museum showcases HMCS BRAS D’OR that served in the Canadian Navy from 1968 to 1971. During sea trials the vessel exceeded 63 knots, making her the fastest unarmed warship in the world.
  • Naval Museum of Quebec (Quebec City, QC). This museum showcases the naval history of the St. Lawrence and of the Naval Reserve of Canada;
  • Maritime Museum of the Great Lakes (Kingston, ON). This museum contains records related to Port Arthur Shipyard, Collingwood Shipyards along with German & Milne and Canadian Vickers Shipyard, Montreal and extensive records of maritime activity in the Great Lakes;
  • Elgin Military Museum(Port Burwell, ON). The museum includes the submarine HMCS OJIBWA and has a collection of records for over 9,000 veterans from Elgin County. The museum documents Elgin County military involvement from the turn of the 19th century to present day military activities;
  • Naval Museum of Manitoba (Winnipeg, MB). The museum preserves the history of the Canadian Navy, men and women from across the prairies who have enlisted in the Navy. It contains an extensive RCN Ships’ Database among other things;
  • Naval Museum of Calgary Alberta (Calgary, AB). This museum contains the largest tri-service research library in Canada (20,000 books) that document everything from the history of warfare to peacekeeping operations to training and weaponry;
  • Vancouver Maritime Museum (Vancouver, BC). The museum contains a Maritime history of the Pacific Coast including a library and archive of Canadian naval history and naval architecture including a collection from the Burrard Shipyard;
    .* Maritime Museum of B.C. (Victoria, BC). The museum’s searchable database documents the history of the Royal Canadian Navy (including Navy Lists), the Canadian Coast Guard and other Canadian government fleets and has records related to the Public Works and Government Services Canada Graving Dock and the Yarrows Shipyard; and
  • Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt Naval and Military Museum (Esquimalt, BC). In addition to exhibits and displays, the museum houses an expanding archive and library that includes thousands of photographs and documents, histories of Canadian naval vessels, navigation charts, biographies of important leaders in the Royal Canadian Navy, ship plans, and copies of the Navy List.