Published: Apr 6th 2016
Updated: 3 years ago

This page will be the “Home Page” for our CNTHA Photo Gallery. It is intended to link other pages to this page with photos of operational ships and those under construction or repair. There will be no attempt to provide a large collection of photos but rather will seek to simply provide examples of each category. It is likely many of those photos posted will come from CNTHA Members’ personal collections.

Website visitors are advised that there is a more complete listing of RCN ships to be found on the “Our Ships” page including the earlier Tribals and others. Please go to: Our Ships.

  1. Shipbuilding

A separate page will contain photos obtained from personal collections though there may be the odd photo shared by other CNTHA supporters. Follow this link to Gallery 1 - Shipbuilding.

a). DDE 205 St.Laurent Class of 7 ships. Further shipbuilding information is being sought to add to this page and to Gallery 1;

b). DDE 257 Restigouche Class of 7 ships. No shipbuilding information is available but it is hoped CNTHA supporters will provide some information in due course;

c). DDE 261 MacKenzie Class of 4 ships. No details available at this time;

d). DDH 265 Annapolis Class of 2 ships. No details available at this time;

e). DDH 280 Class of 4 ships. Two each were built in Marine Industries, Sorel/Tracy, Québec and at the Lévis, Québec shipyard of Davie Shipbuilding. Here are photos taken during the building of IROQUOIS and HURON at Marine Industries Ltd. from 1968-1972; and

f). Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel (MCDV)

The class is the name for 12 the Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel Project (MCDV). These multi-role vessels were built and launched from the mid- to late-1990s and are crewed by a combination of Naval Reserve and Regular-Force personnel.

Their main missions are counter narcotics, coastal surveillance, sovereignty patrol, route survey, and training. They were designed with a minesweeping role in mind and are consequently classified as mechanical minesweepers (MM); however, this role has diminished as a result of the evolving nature of mine warfare. The possibility of acquiring the gear necessary to undertake a more appropriate mine-hunting role continues to be examined [Ed - source Wikipedia].

  1. Ship Refits

A separate page will contain photos obtained mainly from personal collections. It should be noted that any conversion activities will be reflected in the Ship Refit photos Gallery. Follow this link to Gallery 2 - Ship Refits.

a). NIPIGON Refit - MIL Sorel/Tracy - 1968. Don Wilson photo.

  1. Ship Operations

The Operations page will contain photos obtained mainly from personal collections. It should be noted that the source will not always be known. Follow this link to Gallery 3 - Operations.

a). MARGAREE - Pacific - 1961. [Don Wilson photo]