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Author: Don Wilson
Published: Jul 22nd 2009
Updated: 8 years ago

The primary publication thus far deemed of interest to visitors to this website is the Maritime Engineering Journal with its CNTHA News. These two have been given their own pages on this website accessible through sub-menus under the Publications Site Topics. In addition, the Revue du Génie Maritime and CNTHA’s Les Nouvelles provide the French version of the two previous items.

In addition, some Papers and Other Publications have been posted to this section of our website. We have begun to build a small library of Papers and Presentations to complement our Publications - the archived Journals and News. It is to be hoped that our readers will take the time to search their bookshelves to see if there may be items of interest to our readers - that can be forwarded to our Webmaster for posting.

In due course, it is likely other publications of interest will be identified and included either in total through links or by an appropriate listing. Those who identify a publication deemed appropriate are encouraged to jot us a note by email to [email protected].