Technical History

Author: Don Wilson
Published: Aug 12th 2009
Updated: 4 years ago

The area that began the serious work of CNTHA was the Canadian Naval Defence Industrial Base, known by its acronym CANDIB. A working group was formed to organize and coordinate the gathering of historically interesting information, data and the anecdotal recollections of participants in the Defence Industrial Base developed in Canada in response to Canadian Naval requirements in the period from 1950 to 2003.

The role of the CANDIB Team portrayed here is to establish realistic goals for the working group, set guidelines for the gathering of information, determine the manner in which the information will be stored and made accessible and to gather together an array of subject Team Leaders to manage the collection of information for each of the areas of activity in which the Navy’s activities impacted the industrial base throughout this period.

During 2009, it was decided to begin investigating several technology areas based loosely on the natural breakdown inherent in ship design, building and operation. This led to the decision to form several working groups to deal with key technology areas;

Teams are being formed and the Combat and Marine Systems working groups have begun work.

The Collection

Beginning in 2002, there was a list promulgated detailing the contents of the CNTHA collection. The Collection has been updated several times since that time with the most recent taking place in 2015. Contained within this section of our site is a description of the Collection and its principal parts. Further information is available by following this link: The Collection.