Author: Don Wilson
Published: Jul 20th 2009
Updated: 3 years ago

The Library will contain a variety of valuable and useful information.

The Directorate of History & Heritage in DND has a Collection - essentially a body of hard-copy documents stored safely at DND’s Holly Lane facility. It is anticipated there may be some Collection items available in electronic format and some eventually may be listed on this page with a link to the document. In addition, some of the documents contained in the Oral History and Other Publications sections of this site also may, eventually, be listed on and linked to this page. It is intended, from time to time, to add other documents offered to CNTHA, to this Library.

Late in 2015, Jerry Proc, a noted researcher and archiver himself, shared some information with CNTHA. He had been developing some HAIDA-specific reference manuals designed to enlighten the knowledge of her volunteers. He suggested it might be appropriate to include the information in the CNTHA archive. What follows are documents shared with CNTHA: