The CNTHA Collection

Author: Don Wilson
Published: Jul 20th 2009
Updated: 5 years ago

Beginning in 2002, there was a list promulgated detailing the contents of the CNTHA collection. The Collection has been updated several times since that time with the most recent taking place in 2015.

The Scope of the Collection

Collection consists of material supporting the Canadian Naval Technical History Association’s (CNTHA) Naval Technical History Project in regards to the technical advances made by the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) in the years following the Second World War. Includes books, articles, papers, booklets, notes and various other documents covering a wide variety of subjects, including shipbuilding, ship repairing, Canadian patrol frigates, engineering, helicopters, hydrofoils, sonar, history, organization, personnel, submarines, training and weapons. Also includes books and magazines pertaining to marine and naval architecture, technical drawings of HMCS Crescent and HMCS Crusader during the 1950s and 1960s, a United Aircraft of Canada design and acquisition proposal regarding the DDH 280 class main propulsion machinery, transcripts of interviews by the Canadian Navy Defence Industrial Base (CANDIB), and developments in Canadian naval sonar technology. There are 8 series:

  • I. Naval Technical History Project material
  • II. Marine/Naval Architecture Books and Magazines
  • III. Ships’ Technical Drawings
  • IV. DDH 280 Class Main Propulsion Machinery Design and Acquisition Proposal
  • V. Canadian Navy Defence Industrial Base Interviews
  • VI. Supporting Documents for Item 449 [Canadian Naval Sonar Development]
  • VII. Minutes/Agendas of Meetings
  • VIII. Defence Research Establishment Atlantic Oversize Technical Drawings

The Collection

For additional information, follow this link to The Collection. Directions also will be available in the Collection document.