Shipbuilding & Repair

Author: Don Wilson
Published: Jul 19th 2009
Updated: 8 years ago

Some serious work has been done to develop a document that provides some of the history related to the building of ships for the Department of National Defence.

Douglas Hearnshaw has been working diligently to gather information related to shipbuilding and ship repair at the various facilities across Canada and has produced several updates over the life of CANDIB. Information has been compiled into a document entitled Shipyards of the Canadian Naval Shipbuilding Program 1939-2000 - prepared by our own Douglas Hearnshaw. Just follow the link from the article title. Visitors to this site should be advised that Douglas passed away late in 2011. As a practicing Naval Architect, Douglas was most popular among his peers and colleagues. His contributions to CNTHA as the person guiding our Oral and Written Histories were noteworthy for his professional efforts. He will be missed.

Roger Chiasson, one of those deeply involved in Naval refits, has shared two documents related to the zero-manned, Multi-Ship Refit concept. Please go to our Other Publications page where you can link to the two documents, one a paper and the other a presentation.